Change in service provider

Dear Tapestry Park Owners,

Due to ongoing difficulties with the existing trash service provider, Waste Pro, Parker Sanitation/Veolia will be the trash service provider, effective April 30, 2012.  We look forward to excellent customer service and a good working relationship with all of Parker Sanitation’s staff!

Parker’s  first order of business was to purchase a smaller garbage truck to accommodate the community’s alleyways and eliminate the damages to Tapestry Park’s alleyways being caused by the larger trucks of Waste Pro.

Service pickup days will be TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, please be sure to put out your trash cans on Monday night for Tuesday pickup and Thursday night for Friday pickup.  Remember to put away your trash can promptly after service has been provided.  It takes everyone’s cooperation to keep Tapestry Park neat and clean.

Should you have questions or concerns about trash services or any other Tapestry Park matter,  please contact GulfView Properties, (850) 236-0345, Charlie Allen or Tracy Melvin will be happy to assist you.

Tapestry Park Board of Directors